Our team are focused on safety and genuinely care about reducing harm to people and making work safe.

We set out to solve the number one cause of acute injury in industry, collisions between people and mobile plant. Since acquiring the SonaSafe technology in 2019, our team have worked extensively with industry to create a world leading data driven IoT solution to support Health and Safety 4.0 and reduce harm by up to 98%.

Our executive team bring a broad set of skills to guide us to achieve our goal.

Greg Haliday

Greg built a nationwide logistics company from the floor up over 30 years. Besides having personally witnessed numerous fork hoist related accidents over this time, he’s even had a counterbalance forklift run over his own foot. Because of this he’s passionate about finding a solution and brings his commercial and real world experience to Sonasafe with a real need to keep his 300+ staff safe.

Leighton Haliday
Commercial Director

Leighton brings 35 years of experience working with enterprise businesses across a broad set of  technologies from software to analytics; hardware including Internet of Things and Machine Learning including computer vision. He has a proven track record in delivering solutions to the market that change the game.

Driven by a desire to "bottle" New Zealand innovation and take smart technology to the world.

James Graham
Technical Director

James is a military systems engineer and critical thinker who combines his knowledge to design unique solutions to common problems. When first presented with the challenge of harm caused by mobile plant colliding with people, he evaluated a range of technologies and after assessing the challenges of the traditional Radio Frequency based technologies and limitations of radar and computer vision he arrived at a technical solution that provides functions simply not available in other solutions.
He leads a team of dynamic engineers to combine the enthusiasm of youth with the balance of experience.

Rob Foster
Advisor BCOM

Robert has been a Senior Partner since 1992 with international accounting firm, BDO New Zealand. His strong commercial experience in facilitating acquisitions, financial planning and delivering business growth plays a significant role with the Board. Robert is passionate about businesses achieving success through high quality and skilled people in key positions. He is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Paul Sills
Advisor LLB (Hons)

Paul is a barrister, business adviser and independent director. Paul has a proven track record for delivering results. His career includes leadership of eight companies serving domestic and global markets; including Europe, USA, Middle East and South East Asia. His experience as a skilled strategist, combined with his senior operational and financial experience contributes considerably to the direction and growth of SonaSafe. 

We Listen
Tell us about your workplace health and safety risk areas in confidence and take us through the processes you have in place.

We'll map our solution with SonaSafe components to match your SOP's and Traffic Management Plan.

We'll implement our solution on your People, Materials Handling Equipment, Walkways, Entrances and Zones to reflect your SOP's.

We'll work with you to provide insights that will enable you to tune your system and take a proactive approach to people and plant interaction.

Want a safer workplace using technology designed for you?