SonaSafe Features
SonaSafe offers a range of modules and functions that enables us to tailor the system to reflect your environment, aligning our solution to work as your team do, with minimal false positive alerts and a default to safety. Providing a system you can rely on.
Warning AlertsA human voice or warble tone alerts the driver when people are within a preset distance of the machine set between 3m to 15m

When the "Near Miss" exclusion zone is breached alerts the driver to Stop. Range 1m to 12m.
Can automatically slow the machine .

Vehicle on vehicle

Exclusion zones can be set for Vehicle on Vehicle breaches.
Can automatically slow the machine.

Visitor/Role rules

Exclusion zones can be set by role or visitor. This can be based by location or operating mode of the vehicle.

GeofencingGeofencing enables SonaSafe to change exclusion zones and rules based on a location such as walkways.

Door Alert

Door and area alerts can signal lights and alarms when a vehicle is about to enter an area or doorway.

Access control

PDUs can restrict access to an area or gate.

Person in area

Sensors can be installed to advise a driver when people are in an area, enabling the system to see around corners or into rooms.

Safe zones

Safe Zones monitor people in defined locations. This can be for walkways, offices, drivers or break out rooms.

Vehicle speed

SonaSafe can regulate a vehicles speed, either, changing rules based on speed or restrict speed in areas or zones.

Safe approach

Safe to Approach deactivates the vehicles system and turns the driver into a pedestrian.

Camera links

All events are date and time stamped, enabling camera reviews of incidents.

Unique functions

Accurate exclusion zonesOur use of Sonar enables us to create bubble shapes that reflect the exclusion zone around a hazard. Reducing false positives and providing a tool your team can rely on.

Dynamic Exclusion Zones Our technology enables us to dynamically change exclusion zones and rules based on location, person or operating mode of the vehicle.

Open dataA cloud based dashboard provides intuitive graphical KPI's.
Open access to your data enables you to enrich your existing systems and data environments such as data lakes.

Industrial toughDeveloped to survive and perform in harsh industrial environments our components have been designed by military engineers to to ensure they'll provide a robust solution for years to come.

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